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Mainly based in Ireland for the Irish market, but also the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and as far away as New Zealand. Our clients have ranged from sole traders to small, medium and large organisations. As some of these valued clients prefer to work with us privately, this is a synopsis of some of our customers and how we have helped. As you can see the range of professions is diverse, and therefore it is always imperative to apply our experience and knowledge carefully, tailormade to each client.

Ryan Recruitment

Ryan Recruitment, Christchurch, New Zealand - We were contracted to help Ryan Recruitment, who were in Dublin to recruit Irish professionals to help the rebuild of Christchurch after the earthquake. We helped with securing radio and press interviews, and the related social media communications. The client enjoyed a fantastic response and the cost to them was minimal in terms of their marketing budget.

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Lemongrass Restaurant

Lemongrass Restaurant, Citywest & Naas. We were approached and contracted to help with developing social media platforms for the business leading up to the launch of the 2nd restaurant in Naas. This also involved on site training on how to use social media for new staff.

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Insight Weekly

We were approached with the initial idea for the business, and asked to help come up with a cost effective plan to get the business off the ground. Katharine also came up with the domain name for the business, and worked with the web designer creating content and related social media.

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Flatow Advisory Partners

Flatow Advisory Partners - Based in Berlin, Germany, we have helped with Social Media related consultancy for staff within the organisation.

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Residence Private Members Club

We were approached to organise specific member events and created related Social Media to promote the events for the club.

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Dublin Solicitors Bar Association

We were approached to speak about Social Media related to the legal profession and how these platforms could be used to effectively promote both existing and future business.

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St. Andrew's College Dublin

We were approached to help with social media communications. We have also helped with mock interviews within the college for 5th year students looking to study and work in the areas of social media, marketing, events and PR.

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The FKM Group

The FKM Group - We were contracted to help with social media, and specific aspects of their marketing needs related to overseas events. We also organised staff and FKM client events on their behalf.

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