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Mainly based in Ireland for the Irish market, but also the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and as far away as New Zealand. Our clients have ranged from sole traders to small, medium and large organisations. As some of these valued clients prefer to work with us privately, this is a synopsis of some of our customers and how we have helped. As you can see the range of professions is diverse, and therefore it is always imperative to apply our experience and knowledge carefully, tailormade to each client.

cosmopolitan events Ryan Recruitment, Christchurch, New Zealand

In 2012 we were contracted to help Ryan who were in Dublin to recruit Irish professionals to help the rebuild of Christchurch after the earthquake that had destroyed the city. We helped to secure radio and press interviews, and the related social media communications. They enjoyed a great response with minimal costs from their marketing budget.

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cosmopolitan events Il Posto, St. Stephen's Green, D.2

Katharine has consulted for the last few years with Il Posto for their overall marketing and social media requirements. We have helped with ideas and guidance and how to utilise relevant social media to engage with existing and potential customers, both local customers and visiting tourists. We also came up with innovative ideas for attracting business and group booking events. 

cosmopolitan events Lemongrass Restaurant

Lemongrass Restaurant, Citywest & Naas. We were approached and contracted to help with developing social media platforms for the business leading up to the launch of the 2nd restaurant in Naas. This also involved on site training on how to use social media for new staff.

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cosmopolitan events Insight Weekly

In 2013 we came up with the initial idea for the direction of the business, and asked to help come up with a cost effective plan to launch it and the site/ social media. Katharine also came up with the domain name, and worked with the web designer creating content and related social media.

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cosmopolitan events Flatow Advisory Partners

Flatow Advisory Partners - Based in Berlin, Germany, we have helped with Social Media related consultancy for a member staff within the organisation. We helped to connect with potential and existing customers online, as they travelled around the world attending conferences related to the industry.provides comprehensive advice to investors, developers and lenders on capital and financing issues for real estate investments and development projects in Germany and selected European markets.

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cosmopolitan events Residence Private Members Club

We have been asked to organise a variety of specific member events and create related Social Media to promote them for the club. We have held many different events in Residence over the years, the first of which was a Social Networking one in July 2008. 

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cosmopolitan events Dublin Solicitors Bar Association

We were invited to speak about social media related to the legal profession and how these platforms could be used to effectively promote both existing and future business. There was a focus on the professional use of social media and the importance of guidelines for employers and their staff in this regard. 

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cosmopolitan events St. Andrew's College Dublin

We were asked to help with social media communications for the Alumni, and have also run Introduction to Social Media Workshops in 2016, also for the Alumni. We have helped each year with the mock interviewing programme within the college for 5th year students, who have been looking to study and work in the areas of social media, marketing, events and PR. The programme helps to bring practical experience and assistance to the students and help to guide them with their future. 

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cosmopolitan events The FKM Group

The FKM Group - In 2013 we were contracted by FKM to help with social media, and specific aspects of their marketing needs related to overseas events. We also organised staff and FKM client events on their behalf, to help build on networking opportunities and client relationships. The FKM Group (FKM) are one of the longest established Project Management, Engineering, Construction and Property related companies in Ireland. 

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cosmopolitan events HSE/ CCIO

In 2016 we were approached by the Health Service Executive/ Council of Clinical Information Officers to support the management and development of the Council and their range of eHealth programmes. Katharine assisted by bringing her experience and ideas in the areas of copywriting, social media, innovation in healthcare, online and offline communications delivery, networking, event and membership management. 

cosmopolitan events UCD Career Mentoring Programme

In 2015 Katharine was selected to be a mentor to a final year English Student in UCD by the Career Development Centre and the School of English, Drama and Film at UCD. The programme aimed to link current final year students with working professionals who would advise and help them to clarify their career objectives and to prepare them for their professional life after UCD. 

cosmopolitan events RDG Root Development Gardens

We were asked to help Tim Weldon and his company Root Development Gardens with creating a new website, branding, social media strategy and overall marketing campaign in order to attract new commercial as well as residential customers for the company both in the Dublin and Wicklow areas. 

cosmopolitan events Recent article for a client on Social Media

How should I be thinking about Social Media and my online presence?
In this day and age we all have an internet presence, and I would therefore advise anyone in the property or construction business to make sure that this is used to your best advantage. It is so important to make sure that your website, social media profiles (the main ones being Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook) are managed on a regular basis and I always recommend that this is built into your daily working life. Even if it’s just for a few minutes here and there during the course of the week, in the same way we check texts/ return calls on the go. They all have great user friendly and helpful apps so I would download them from the App store if you haven’t already.
These Social Media platforms are ever changing, so it's imperative for any company and employee to keep an eye on their respective areas of business for marketing purposes, and of course to also maximise your prospective business opportunities. I always recommend that businesses update themselves and their staff, if applicable, on what’s happening just as we all keep an eye on the news each day relevant to our area of expertise. Also in relation to that, a topical and professional social media policy for you or your business and employees are key.
How are the construction and property industries outside of Ireland using Social Media?
There is definitely a growing number of businesses and employees in the property and construction industries outside of Ireland who are seeing the benefits of building an online social media profile and presence. Doing this in an organic way takes time and patience, much like building your real world professional network and relationships.
One of the real benefits of Social Media is that it’s possible to keep an eye on real time developments and events in your industry around the world, which is a good way to think about ongoing research – ie what other similar companies, areas of expertise and professionals are doing that could be beneficial for you or your business, and vice versa. It’s also a great way to build your relationships with other employees if for example you work for a worldwide organisation.
How are the construction and property industries in Ireland using Social Media?
In Ireland, I have seen a huge increase in recent years with the number of businesses and professionals in the construction and property industries who are noticing the benefits of using Social Media to help build their networks and relationships. As we all know, so many recommendations are done via people we know/ friends of friends, so a strong social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn, can immediately showcase you and your experience and areas of expertise. This combined with Linkedin’s recommendations and endorsements facility means that prospects can see what others have said about you too.
What would be the best practice to aim for with my Social Media and online presence?
To maximise social media exposure, it would be a good idea to begin with thinking about:
1. Looking at what similar businesses in your area are doing and think about where and how you would like to see your business grow
2. Planning your social media calendar in line with your existing marketing strategy and budget, and decide how much you have to set aside for Social Media marketing. With organic posts (non paid for) make sure to publish these updates at the right time of day when your customers or peers that you wish to reach would most likely be online or free to read, ie on the train to and from work/ evenings when they’re sitting down catching up on the day.
3. Deciding which Social Media platforms are applicable to you and your business. We would recommend everyone takes the time to build a strong LinkedIn profile, combined with a page for the business if applicable. Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram and Google+ (which is great for when people ‘Google’ your area of expertise – eg. ‘property management company in Dublin’, it’s a Google product so will show up in the results and it’s free!) would be the main platforms to be considered.
4. Thinking about integrating a company blog into your plans, this would be linked to the social media and I would recommend that the overall message and communications plans are kept consistent, informative and engaging as this will help to increase you or your business presence as ‘thought leaders’ or someone that a prospect would seek out to work with.
5. Aiming to set aside time each week to build your network and online profile, keeping in mind any long term goals as with any ongoing marketing strategy.
6. Being realistic with your plans and available time to build these networks. As mentioned already, smartphones have such great apps for each platform, so try to build your available time into your day, a few minutes here/ on the go, waiting for a meeting etc. can all combine to make up your X amount of hours each week.
How do I integrate the Social Media presence with my website?
If you have either an employee or contractor who has designed and manages your website, I would arrange a meeting with them to discuss Social Media, blogging, plans for 2017 (and beyond) and the suggested recommendations here. There may already be social media ‘plug ins’ (links) on the site, if not try to ensure that all your online platforms are linked to the site,  and I would also suggest that you embed your Social Media timelines, which is when you can see your updates on your site - always very useful if for example you’re having a work event so clients and prospects in Ireland and indeed worldwide can see what you’re doing, as well as via the relevant social media.
How do I measure or monitor my social media presence and engagement?
This would also be part of your discussion with your website designer as part of the overall site update and planning strategy. Social media platforms, particularly Facebook, have their own ‘Insights’ and feedback measuring tools which can also be delivered weekly to you via your work email. As with all social media, these are updating and improving all the time, and they welcome feedback and comments as well from you and/ or your business. There are also platforms like Hootsuite, Sprout Social and many more which would be worth discussing with your website designer as this would fall into the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Keywords (words related to you and your area of expertise ie property, commercial, developer, professional, property manager etc.). I would suggest that if you’re not sure of any of the above just bring this to your meeting and show the website developer and they should be able to work with you in line with your own individual thoughts or plans, please also contact me if you would like to discuss anything in further detail.