Cosmopolitan Communications

Are you an organisation who does not have the time to set up and/ or manage your online profile or marketing communications?
Are you looking to build or tidy up your online profile, if perhaps you're looking to move on to a new job?

Do you have staff who need guidance and/ or training, or you are self employed, and need guidance and training on how to use social media, how to build a website and all that is involved, and you plan to manage it yourself once you have it set up correctly?

These are some of the areas that we have helped our clients. As every client is unique and has different ideas about where they may need our assistance, our approach offers maximum flexibility. We contract ourselves on an hourly basis and will send you a weekly update of what we have been working on on your behalf so you always know what is happening.

Our experience is that requirements are always changing, particularly in these challenging economic times.

After an initial consultation meeting, either over the phone or in person, we will send you a breakdown of our understanding of your needs and where we feel we can assist. This could be a short term or long term project.

Communications - How we can help

Every client is unique and has different requirements about where they may need our assistance. Therefore once we've discussed what you're looking to do, timeframes and budgets, we will tailormake a suggested plan and strategy for you and/ or your business. To also make it as cost effective as possible, we work on an hourly basis and always send a detailed weekly update report.