Tailormade Events

We specialise in tailoring events to suit our clients needs.

Our Tailormade Events service includes experience in organising a wide variety of events, including all the below options – if there is anything else you are looking for, please let us know!

Corporate entertaining

Our energy, professionalism and attention to detail ensure flawless execution of your special event every time! Cosmopolitan brings fresh, creative concepts to corporate event productions.

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Birthday parties

We have organised all kinds of birthday parties in a wide variety of venues in the Dublin area. Allow us to help you plan your perfect party so you can relax and enjoy the celebrations!

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Engagement parties

There are many details to consider when planning an engagement party. The date, guest list, venue, invitations and menu are all key aspects of any engagement party. We will work with you to provide the perfect venue and any requirements you may have!

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Team building

It’s a common scenario: you’ve tried a variety of team building ideas and techniques — from retreats, to assessments, even fun teambuilding activities — but you’ve found it difficult to sustain team motivation and cohesiveness.

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Bespoke small wedding parties

We understand that your wedding needs to be your most special day. We will work carefully with you on every aspect of the occasion, from concept, the ideal venue, and overseeing the event on the day itself, whatever your requirements may be.

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Wine tasting

These events are always popular, and we have some great contacts and venues who we have worked with for a variety of different wine tasting events.

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Cookery events

We have organised a wide variety of different cookery events over the years. They are always popular and fun, and great for interraction and group events. Usually there is the added bonus of eating delicious food with a fabulous glass of wine!

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Professional singles events

We held our first Professional Singles Event in 2009 in Residence Members Club's beautiful piano bar. A couple that met that night are now very happily married! We held several more of these events last year, the emphasis being on an even balance of ladies to gentlemen, and in a relaxed, welcoming and fun atmosphere.

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Charity events

We have organised and helped to plan anything from a large event with 300 attendees, to a small gathering such as a coffee morning. We can help with ideas and something unique that will help to work towards meeting potential targets for fundraising.

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Book club events

These are always popular, and great for social networking and a relaxed evening. Our advice is always to hold these type of events in a comfortable venue where informal bar food is available and perhaps a glass of wine!

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Fashion and Beauty events

We have organised and been involved with a wide variety of exciting and interesting events, from Charity Fashion shows to Q&A sessions with stylists, make up artists and nail technicians. These events can be great as they are informative as well as being lots of fun, with a glass of bubbly in your hand, they can be the perfect girls night out!

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Food and wine pairing

Dublin has a vast array of fantastic restaurants and venues, showcasing menus and wines from all over the world and for all budgets. We can help to create the perfect setting and menu for your networking or entertaining needs.

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Concerts and festival group events

If perhaps you are looking to entertain your most important clients, allow us to help create the perfect day/ evening, whatever your needs are!

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