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I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for being part of our seminar and for helping to make it the success that it was.

I really liked your informal approach and found what you had to say and share very interesting and most importantly, beneficial to our members. I have a feeling you may hear from some of them, as it would seem that they need help either starting or managing their social media outputs. When you can, could you please send me a soft copy of your presentation so that the DSBA can email it to the attendees – thanks.

Thanks again Katharine and I hope you will agree to be part of any future seminar that we may plan.

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Just a note to say thank you and well done on the FKM Fashion show. The feedback last night was hugely positive. I thought the event was very well thought out, planned and executed.

Roxanne was excellent both in her fashion choices and comparing, the expertise and generosity of the Hair Nails and Make-up Girls, to stay well past 10 O'clock, and the fabulous raffle prizes and goodie bags all added to the success of the evening. The numbers that arrived down to the hosted House reception afterwards and the length of time they stayed was testimony to how hugely enjoyable the evening was for the Guests. Wednesday is the new Thursday apparently!

I think this was a hugely positive event for promoting both FKM amongst the female business colleagues last night but also helped create some positive synergy for those women in business generally. I am delighted for you all that the very evident hard work put into this event paid off and was so well received. Thanks again.

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Eoin Tierney - Owner

Katharine is a hard-working entrepreneur who brings endless charm and vivacity to everything she puts her hand to.

Ciara Langan hired Katharine before

I highly recommend Katharine Crawford for any project that she may wish to pursue. She is extremely hard working and an effective communicator. My experience of Katharine is organized, efficient, and extremely competent

Melissa Sayer

Katharine is an accomplished professional with exacting standards. She makes it her business to understand your needs and delivers faultlessly. I look forward to the next professional networking event.

Johnny Meehan

Katherine has an exceptional eye for detail, captures client needs in quick-time, exceeds all expectations, and delivers impeccable service with assured follow-up. Katherine has flair, style, and gusto, with the necessary effervescence and lightness of touch to make concentrated effort seem like fun. Highly recommended!! Hope to work with you again soon.

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